Making Sense of Sustainability 2011 / 2012 Report

positive and negative consequences of a proposed action or project

For Our Clients


Our service offerings have everything to do with Making Sense of Sustainability for our clients. We often tell people we meet our clients where they are on their sustainability journey, because that’s exactly what we do. BrownFlynn has three practice areas that are highly integrated to provide our clients with the most robust strategy possible—consulting, communications and training. Our expert staff has many years of consulting experience in sustainability strategy, impacts assessment, issues prioritization and stakeholder engagement that either helps to build the foundation of an effective sustainability program, or enhance an existing program to take a client to the next level. We often use Appreciative Inquiry (AI) building on a company’s strengths rather than focusing on its weaknesses. AI emphasizes the positive and engages all levels of the organization to ensure everyone’s voices are heard.

Consulting is often coupled with communications, including branding, sustainability reporting and stakeholder communications, that helps give the program an identity and voice. Ensuring the sustainability strategy, vision, goals and achievements are understood by both internal and external stakeholders is just as important as development of the program itself. Not only does it need to be understood and embraced internally by the leadership and the employees, it needs to be communicated externally for transparency. Over the past two years we have seen a significant growth in sustainability reporting, not only from our clients but from business in general. Investors and stakeholders are demanding U.S. companies to be more transparent and to produce reports that speak to sustainability performance, a trend we only see increasing in the future.

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Our People

Sara Kennedy

Sara has a passion for corporate sustainability with strengths in project management, effective communication and creative problem solving.

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