Making Sense of Sustainability 2011 / 2012 Report

quantifiable measurements of performance in areas critical to an organization’s progress or performance

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Fairmount Minerals

Since 2006, BrownFlynn has guided Fairmount Minerals through the creation of its annual Corporate Social Responsibility report

Project Impacts and Outcomes
  • Developed and implemented Fairmount’s People, Planet and Prosperity reporting framework and the articulation of bold, 10-year goals and one-year targets
  • Developed GRI report for seven consecutive years
  • Identified material issues through stakeholder feedback and internal interviews with company leaders
  • Provide ongoing strategy and communications support to numerous Sustainable Development (SD) Teams and specific organizational departments

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Play BrownFlynn’s Monthly Sustainability Crossword Puzzle

After you have become familiar with the sustainability terms in our report and glossary, test your knowledge by completing this month’s puzzle—you might learn something new today!

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Our Clients


As a sponsor of the CRO’s Commit! Forum, BrownFlynn’s master classes have helped attendees including Coca-Cola, Monsanto, State Street, ING, MetLife, Lockheed Martin, Mosaic and IBM achieve a deeper understanding of key sustainability and reporting topics.

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