Making Sense of Sustainability 2011 / 2012 Report

an investment practice that gives preference to companies that value social and environmental impacts in addition to financial gain; socially responsible investments, also known as “ethical investments,” involve companies and practices that cause little or no depletion of natural assets or environmental degradation and that do not infringe the rights of workers, women, indigenous people, children nor animals

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Ingersoll Rand

Dedicated support for the production of Ingersoll Rand’s 2011 and 2012 Annual Report, Online Sustainability Supplement and the company’s responses to the CDP and DJSI

Project Impacts and Outcomes
  • Established an industry leadership position with integrated reporting
  • Articulated key financial and non-financial performance to stakeholders through a diverse set of reporting platforms, including the GRI Framework
  • Leveraged the annual report production and data management processes to benefit the CDP, DJSI and additional sustainability related surveys and communications
  • Used the reporting process as a strategic management tool to improve ESG performance, evidenced by continuous improvement in CDP, DJSI and other major rating organizations

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