Making Sense of Sustainability 2011 / 2012 Report

a family of accounting standards addressing various aspects of environmental management; provides practical tools for companies and organizations looking to identify and control their environmental impact and constantly improve their environmental performance

For Our Business


BrownFlynn’s success and growth is dependent on its most valuable asset—our employees. At the end of 2012, the BrownFlynn team comprised 12 full-time employees and two adjunct consultants. We are planning for growth and look forward to welcoming additional team members during 2013.

We are proud of our Firm and our staff’s personal achievements. We are constantly seeking to improve our internal processes and consulting capabilities in support of our goals. At our annual employee retreat in October 2012, we undertook a review of key internal performance objectives and measures of success. We reviewed and enhanced the measures of performance and commenced development of a talent strategy that will help frame our consulting resources approach—a more efficient and effective service delivery “pyramid” model. We are focusing on our capacity to better predict and proactively respond to client demands and routines to manage cyclicality in our annual workload.

Our Firm’s Performance Dashboard highlights these annual People objectives and performance measures. The Dashboard consists of overall goals that every team member must contribute to achieving. These goals are organized into overarching themes that help us keep them top of mind every day. Highlights of ‘People’ goals we achieved in 2012 were:

  • Improved employee well-being.
  • Ongoing monitoring of healthcare options and alternative provider plans with regard to both employer and employee benefits and costs.
  • Alignment of performance reviews with personal career development goals and Firm-wide goals. Specific development goals include:
    • Increased employee training and public speaking opportunities.
    • Consistently and creatively brought the “I / We are BrownFlynn” culture to life.
    • Reinforced service mentality in internal and external facing interactions.

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Our Clients

Conference 2012

BrownFlynn helped bring national awareness to GRI, sustainability reporting and transparency at the first ever GRI USA Conference in St. Louis, Missouri.

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