Making Sense of Sustainability 2011 / 2012 Report

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About Our Report

Making Sense of Sustainability

At BrownFlynn, it’s easy to say that we “walk the talk”. But at its core, our Sustainability Report is a platform for engagement and dialogue with anyone seeking to understand how we define and practice sustainability. Our 2012 Report, Making Sense of Sustainability, describes how BrownFlynn manages its own impacts and acts to enable its clients and community stakeholders to better manage their own impacts and actions. We articulate our approach in clear, easy to understand terms and in ways that anyone can emulate and tailor. In other words, this report is primarily an education and awareness tool.

We define “sustainability” as the integration of three pillars—People, Planet and Prosperity. We have integrated this triple-bottom-line thinking into our management ethos and support a consulting business around guiding companies in developing strategies that are focused on their social, environmental and economic impacts.

This report marks the fifth successive year that BrownFlynn has publicly disclosed its sustainability performance and the third release of a Sustainability Report. We are proud of this tradition and remain firmly committed to transparency and sharing our story. Our engagement with stakeholders through this report strengthens our position as a trusted advisor to our clients, a valued employer to our staff and a leader to the communities we serve.

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Make Sense of Sustainability with Our Updated Glossary

Don’t know the difference between a Proxy Statement and a Sustainability Report? Need help understanding sustainability lingo? Let BrownFlynn make sense of sustainability with our updated glossary.

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Our People

Andrew Watterson

Andrew joined BrownFlynn in October 2011. He applies his expertise in organizational change to advance sustainability within organizations large and small.

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